Building and its features

Building and its features

General view of the building in shape to a city where there is effective. If the façade of a building regardless of the appearance of the other buildings on the city considered homogeneous urban landscape will disappear altogether. And makes the city particularly in the city's historical integrity is tarnished.

Exterior features a good view of what is inappropriate?

If we want to talk briefly about the views of appropriate and inappropriate in many cases should be noted that short and just like the title are as follows: 1. The building is located in the geographical area? 2. The multi-storey building is significant? 3. What color is used in the surrounding buildings? 3. What color is used in the surrounding buildings? 4. facade combination (such as aluminum and stone) or only one type of material (such as travertine) used? 5. Classical facade, is modern or traditional?


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